Zaporeak Project

About us

Zaporeak Solidario Garapenerako Elkartea is an association that works to promote projects that combine gastronomy and solidarity. Using the strength of the cuisine in our country, we aim to help people with nourishing. We are a group of volunteers, heirs of the Intxaurrondoko Gastronomia Elkartea that for more than 30 years worked in favor of popular gastronomy

What do we do

We promote projects combining gastronomy and solidarity. Our first project was set in motion in Ethiopia, in the town of Wukro, together with the Padre Blanco Ángel Olaran. Its objective, to create a Hotel and Catering School, a cannery and a cheese factory. Since 2016 we have been helping refugees who are fleeing the war and stranded in Greece. In order to do that we moved to the area and cooked there to distribute food portions among the refugees. In order to obtain human, material and economic resources, we organize and support different awareness activities in the Basque Country.