Young Flavor

Attract young people to the project, that is the objective of the Zaporeak Project together with Gaztezulo and Gaztea. For this, he has organized a trip in which members of both media will participate, which are a reference among Basque youth.

Zaporeak not only looks for young people to participate as a volunteer in the daily work that takes place in Lesbos, but also aims for youth to join in the daily tasks that the same project has in Euskal Herria, participating in activities and even contributing new ideas, new proposals, to help Zaporeak go ahead, activities to raise funds or help to sensitize and raise awareness in society.

8 people will travel to Lesbos from June 2 to 6 to reflect on the one hand the work Zaporeak does every day. They will live like it is a day in the kitchen, they will coexist with the Zaporeak volunteers, since the day starts, the whole process of buying food, preparing the products, cooking and distributing the food.

In addition to knowing Zaporeak from within, they will know first hand the reality, the daily life of the refugees who are in Lesbos, knowing their stories and also the different projects that help all these refugees.

We will transmit our experiences during those days through our social networks.