Zaporeak Project travels to Mozambique

Mozambique is experiencing an emergency, typhoon Idai has hit the African country hard and has already left 750 dead. Since the past 15 March will arrive on earth the country lives a humanitarian crisis and has asked for international help to deal with the crisis and this help is already coming.

The members of the Zaporeak Project will be part of the first expedition of the START program promoted by the Ministry of Cooperation and Development of the Government of Spain to deal with humanitarian crises and emergencies that arise in the world, has the certificate of the Organization World Health and this will be your first expedition.


This first expedition will start on Friday, March 29 and will involve 43 doctors, 12 people in charge of logistics and technical coordination and 3 cooks. The latter will be the members of the Zaporeak Project.


The mission consists of installing a hospital camp with surgical capacity to provide medical assistance to those affected by the cyclone. The mobile hospital is prepared to serve about 200 people, perform seven major surgeries and 15 minor surgeries per day. All the material is sent in two planes.


The contribution of Zaporeak in this humanitarian expedition will be to manage the kitchen, preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner, which will then be served to doctors, technical staff and the sick, approximately 120 people daily.


In order to fulfill this work in this first expedition, three members of the Zaporeak Project Peio, Zazpi and Iñaki will be moved to Mozambique and in a second shift three others Josi, Joseba and Fernando

As you can see, Zaporeak is once again joining a humanitarian aid work, continues to help the people who need it most.