The prizes of the Solidarity Tickets have been awarded

In March, the Bidasoa Volunteers group of the Zaporeak Project presented the Solidarity Tickets campaign. 5,000 tickets were put up for sale, at € 5, and a bracelet with mention of the Zaporeak Project and the refugees was given along with each bonus.

Thanks to the extensive network of volunteers, several points of sale were put up, many in the Bidaso area, but also in several towns in Euskadi and Navarra. Thanks to this extensive network and the help and encouragement of the volunteer network, the Bidasoa Group managed to sell the 5,000 bonds. The great work done had a magnificent result.

Bonoen familia argazkia

The Solidarity Tickets had three prizes:

1. prize: a one-week stay on the Olatua sailboat for Ibiza and Formentera for two people.

2. prize: a tasting menu for two people at the Alameda Restaurant and night at the Hotel Obispo.

3. Prize: dinner and night for two at the Hotel Obispo.

The draw was held on August 23 and the lucky numbers were the following:

Zenbaki saridunak

Three months have passed since then and once the period for the collection of prizes has passed, mention that only the second and third prizes have been awarded. The first was empty, after spending three months has not appeared and the organizers have decided to leave the prize for a future draw. The second and third prize-winners have already collected their prizes and we hope they enjoyed them.

Bigarren saria  Hirugarren saria

Many thanks to the Bidasoa Volunteers group that promoted the campaign and also to everyone who joined the campaign by acquiring the Solidarity Bonus!