The clothes of the campaign "Wear the Winter" on the way

Almost a month has passed since we carried out the "Wear the winter" campaign, a long month, but we remember it as if it were yesterday. The response of the citizens was impressive, a great wave of solidarity was created, whose strength we have helped to work on piecework during this month.

Our forecasts were to send 2-3 trucks, but the help and support of the citizens was so great, that instead of 2-3, we will send 13 trucks that will dress the winter of the refugees. This circumstance has had its repercussion in our work, given that the associations with which we had spoken so that they received the clothes could not absorb so much volume of clothes.

Given the situation, we have been working on the search for new places and associations that could receive the trucks and thus send your help and support to the refugees. Sometimes it has been expensive to locate a place, but we have managed to set the course to dress the winter of the refugees all the clothes collected.

San Sebastián: 4 trucks

Pamplona: 3 trucks

Vitoria: 2 trucks

Bilbao: 1 truck

The trucks will have or have had the following destination:

Greece: 7 trucks have been sent to Chios, Lesbos and Thessaloniki

Syria: 3 trucks have been sent to Aleppo

France: 1 truck sent to Calais

We still lack clothes to send, but we have already agreed where to send it, we will inform you of it when we close everything. We could not finish without thanking you, the citizen, because the success of the "Wear the winter" campaign is your "responsibility". Thank you very much from the heart!