Since March 2016 we are feeding the refugees who are in Greece. During these three years we have distributed more than 1.000.000 portions and to prepare these portions we have enjoyed the assitance of more than 500 volunteers.

We were working in Chios and Athens, since February 2019 we are cooking and distributing 1.300 portions in Lesbos. We will continue working as long as refugees need help.


  • Lesbos

    We cooked 1,300 servings of food in our kitchen in Lesbos with our own volunteers. These rations are then distributed at 7:30 p.m. between the women and children who spend the day in the Team Humanity project, just 500 m from Moria.

  • One Happy Family (Lesvos)

    Cooperate in the One Happy Family project sending food and volunteers. The aim of the project is to feed some 600 people daily, especially children, to help 200 children with personal hygiene and to cover the menstrual hygiene of 150 women.


(Actually we are not working in Ethiopia) In 2011 we started the Zaporeak Project in Ethiopia, in Wukro, which was our first project. We have worked with the White Father Angel Olaran and the project has three bases: start up a Hotel and Catering School, the creation of a cannery and the improvement of existing cheese factory. We continue working on this project and we are about to send all the materials.

Zaporeak Project

The lack of knowledge of the population about nutrition and about how they should be fed properly, as well as the absence of adequate equipment and notions about storage techniques and food processing, is one of the strategic bottom lines that is approached by the project ZAPOREAK.

Furthermore, the ZAPOREAK Project aims to launch a Hotel and Catering School in Wukro, as well as the development of income generating activities in the agri-food sector, such as the offer of paid training services and the start-up of tradeing activities.

This will contribute to the development of the region from the point of view of the growth of its economic and industrial activities, providing a market of the products that are generated, as well as jobs to the population.